How this Police Officer gets fame and love in public due to his professional excellence

With over 164k followers on twitter, uses social media to reach lakhs of people

Though all Police officers work in the line of duty but in Kashmir very few police officers have been most liked by the youth in past three decades.

The reason may vary for different sections of society for liking and disliking but the fact remains a Police Officer with great professionalism of public dealing gets public love quickly.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Imtiyaz Hussain has been on forefront in the service of nation.

The officer has performed special duties in counter-terrorism, surveillance, child protection, VIP protection, and civil law enforcement.

He has proved his skills successfully in investigation techniques into major crimes including fraud, rape, murder, and drug trafficking.

This decorated Police Officer, however, has great communication skills and people-friendly approach that makes him favorite among local youth in Kashmir.

Imtiyaz is active on twitter with over 164k followers. He often delivers advices to youth and is also quick to respond queries asked by public on social media.

“When I want to check authenticity of any viral video or audio clip, I immediately check what SSP Imtiyaz has posted about its authenticity,” says Nadeem Ahmad, a youngster from Srinagar, adding that his friends also follow this Police officer on twitter to receive “timely and correct information.”

His dissemination of information on social media doesn’t remain limited to his followers but are retweeted in thousands, thus reaching to lakhs of people.

Imtiyaz has served district Baramulla as SSP and his serves are still talked about in the district.

Large number of youth has also taken selfies with him and feel proud in showing it others.

The policing of Imtiyaz was more humanitarian than the pushing astray youth to walls, believes local youth in Baramulla.

“He was loveful to youth and respectful to elders. If youth were not pro-India but they are surely pro-Imtiyaz,” says Mushtaq Ahmad, a scholar at Kashmir University.

He added that Imtiyaz changed the mindset of local youth through his humanitarian approach by redressing their grievances and problems.

It were his efforts that all accused in gang rape and murder case of 9 year old girl were trapped and arrested within no time in Uri.

He broke down while narrating the story to media about this gruesome crime.

“He was always there to support local youth. He never allowed his junior officers to misuse power and position by harassing any innocent. We all miss him,” said a group of youth in Baramulla.

Intellectuals say that Imtiyaz was judged by people by his actions and not by his words.

“In actions of SSP Imtiyaz, local youth saw the real image of India. Through his action, he proved India loves people Kashmir. Otherwise, youth in Kashmir have heard just mere statement of Love from Indian politicians,” said a professor of Philosophy, who wished not to be named, adding, “Most of the youth  are inspired by his policing.”

Imtiyaz is currently serving as SSP Security Kashmir.

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