Hizb Warns Panchayat Elections Contesters, Asks Media To Do Justice With Their Profession

Srinagar: Hizbul-ul-Mujahideen Commander Riyaz Naikoo on Tuesday warned those planning to contest upcoming Panchayat elections, saying they should bring shrouds along with election forms and be ready for the acid attacks.

“Respected brothers, you must be seeing that Indian forces ransack houses and vehicles which is nothing but their frustration. India plans to hold Panchayat elections in Valley and wants to prepare road for it and as such people are being beaten up and houses are ransacked without any justification so as to bring people into submission,” he says.

“Those people who are thinking of participating in the elections, they should also bring shroud along with the election forms for themselves. They should also remember that we have also brought the sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid and be prepared for it.”

Niakoo said that the “forces frustration or movement has nothing to do with what we ought to do.” “Shamima Banoo of Quil Pulwama, who informed forces about Sameer Tiger (Hizb commander who was killed earlier this year), was killed despite the fact that forces would lay ambush outside her house so that militants should not kill her,” he is heard saying in the audio, adding, “how long they could keep with the ambush. Forces will try assuring you that they are with you but how can these forces help you when they themselves need security. The Indian forces have the highest percentage of suicides across the world and how can the forces personnel who commit suicide safeguard you? We kill those who we have to kill and we do it anytime, anyplace.”

He said that the continuous harassment of militant families by government forces was a sign of “frustration but it is not going to deter us from carrying on our mission.”

In an 11-minute audio, released on social media, Naikoo also asked media persons to do justice with their profession “lest we know how to teach and how justice is done.”

He accused media of giving less space or completely eschewing the news related to the “sufferings of the people and ones related to freedom struggle”.

“The news involving killing of traitor or informer by militants or those favoring government of India is given prominent space on the front pages and ones relating to sufferings of people, ransacking of our houses, thrashing of our families without any justification, is either shunned or given space inside the inner pages where nobody sees them,” Naikoo says.

“We want to tell all the news agencies that your role is to bring the truth before the world and do justice to your profession. We know most of you are corrupt and we also know what every agency is doing,” he said, adding, “All news agencies should do justice with their profession otherwise we know how to teach and how justice is done”.

The Hizb commander also appealed the shoppers to remove the CCTVs focused towards streets.

“The CCTVs focused towards streets create a lot of problems for us especially our OGWs (over ground workers). We request with politeness all our shopkeeper brothers not to fix the CCTV cameras in a manner they record outside activities so that police doesn’t get any evidence after we carry out any activity,” he said.

The Hizbul Mujahidin commander also urged people not to give any money to any person who are asking for it in the name of the outfit. “If any of our members requires money, he will collect it himself,’ he added.

He said that India on onside uses pellets, PSA and other actions to ruin the careers of “our youth on the other side, some of our brothers and sisters are lured into sports activities.”

“This is a conspiracy to keep them away from freedom struggle and push our sisters to waywardness. We request parents to keep their child away from all the activities which are unconnected with their studies and careers.” (GNS)

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