Haribah Chowdhary, Kashmir’s first LAKME girl operates salon in Srinagar

Mir Aafaq

Srinagar, Oct 20: Haribah Chowdhary, a 27 year old girl from Rainawari area of Srinagar has become a “First Cosmetologist Girl of Kashmir” and operates own salon at Jawaharnagar.

Since childhood, Chowdhary had a dream to do something unique, different. Initially her interest was in designing.


“I had a boutique. But I wanted to do something which would help be to earn irrespective of season. Then I decided to train myself in the field of beautician but in a professional way. I registered my name in LAKME and did a Cosmetologist course in Delhi,” she said.

“I can proudly say I became the First Kashmiri Girl who have successfully completed a Cosmetologist course,” she said.


After returning back to Kashmir, she worked at local salons was appointed as the head at the VLCC Salon.

Subsequently, she decided to become independent and operate her own salon at Jawaharnagar “Haribah Makeovers”.

“My message to girls of Kashmir is to dream high and achieve goals. Parents should also support their wards in achieving their goals and fulfilling dreams,” she said while replying to a query.

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