Fracktal Works | 3D printing will change dynamics of mass housing industry

3D printing with concrete is a completely different ball game that requires comprehensive knowledge and control of the 3Ms (Material, Methodology and Methods) for successful large-scale and speedy operations.

Fracktal Works 3D manufacturing Company was founded in June of 2013 by two engineering students of Manipal Institute of Technology. They worked on building robots with the university robotics team.

In an effort to find high-quality manufacturing that would help them build powerful robotics systems affordably, they came across 3D Printing and used their background in robotics to build their first 3D Printer and subsequently founded a company bringing access to tools and technologies that help individuals and organizations build high-quality hardware products & solutions.

Today, the construction industry has been moving to 3D concrete printing. It has been identified as a potential game changer for the construction industry. 3D concrete mix design requires paradoxical combination of concrete properties to print successfully. It is said that 3D concrete printing will also change the dynamics and offerings of the affordable and mass housing industry.

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