Family of Shopain youth booked by NIA vouch for his innocence

Shopian: Family of a Shopian youth booked by National Investigation Agency for allegedly “providing logistical support” to militants are vouching for his innocence.

Subzar Ahmad Kumar, 20, son of Manzoor Ahmad Kumar, of Shirmal village was charged recently for “providing logistic support” to persons who decamped with service rifles from former Wachi legislator’s residence in Srinagar.

Family members told Kashmir Reader that Subzar has no links with militancy or weapons loot incident.

They said that Subzar was first summoned by NIA two months ago.

“We got a call from police station Zainpora and they told us that my son has been summoned by NIA. We took copy of summon from police station where they told us NIA office in Humhama, Srinagar” Subzar’s father Manzoor said adding that after questioning Subzar was released and was asked to come if called for questioning again.

“Now after more than two months, that is March 7, we again received a call from NIA and told my son to visit Jammu. Due to the closure of highway, it took him two days to do,” Manzoor said.

Subzar was accompanied to Jammu by his grand uncle and a cousin of his father. After two days of questioning, the family was told that Subzar has been booked under some charges.

“There are no charges against him but once due to force he provided food to militant,” Manzoor said.

“I am a labourer and my son was helping me to meet two ends by running a shop in village. We have no land or any business but hardly managed to plan my daughter’s marriage, due in a month, and my son has been booked,” he said.

Scores of villagers and relatives have assembled at Manzoor’s home as his wife and daughter have got bedridden due to the shock of Sabzar’s arrest.

Sabzar’s mother Haseena Akhter said that she had no one to take care of her in old age except her son.

With tears rolling down her face she cried, “I have no sources to get son released with empty hands.”

Muhammad Yousuf Kumar, a neighbour said that the whole village knows Subzar well and are willing to give an affidavit to NIA that he has no involvement in militancy or weapons loot.

“The entire locality has not eaten anything since we came to know that Subzar has been booked. We in the Kumar locality earn livelihood by working as labourers and we see no ray of hope to get him released but if NIA would look again into the case,” he said.

Besides Subzar two others residents of Shopian district, Parvaiz Ahmad Wani and Javid Yousuf Dar, have been booked by the NIA in the case.

Seven weapons of policemen guarding the Srinagar residence of Wachi legislator were stolen by one of his security guards last year. (KR)

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