Failure in careers, love leads to “honoured suicide” in Kashmir?

Srinagar, June 15: Security forces have successfully crashed Pakistan sponsored terrorists in Kashmir. But in between it, some stories of local youth joining terrorist organizations remain untold.

Youth who joined terrorist ranks have failed at some stage of life and became frustrated with life.

One of the terrorist in Tral was wanted in various criminal cases by Police. The charges against him include rape and theft. After finding it hard to face the law, he joined terrorist organization. He was later killed in a brief gun fight by security forces.

Similarly, there are other number of cases where a teenager could not propose a girl of his choice or failed in love. For these frustrated youth taking gun in hands was only solution to their own problems.

“These astray youth have no direction. They spread violence and terror for their own failed reasons. In most of cases now, parents make video appeal to astray youth to return home back and live a normal life. This simply means that parents and public disapprove joining of terrorist organization by any youth,” said a Professor of Political science at Kashmir University.

Junaid Sehrai, the son of senior separatist leader in Kashmir joined terror outfit. As per his neighbors, Junaid was running a small shop in Baghat locality but was a drug addict.

As per his neighbors, he was often found left in unconscious state in locality after he had taken excessive drugs.  Later, his financial condition went worse and he was not able to purchase or get drugs, forcing him to join terror outfit.

With Zakir Musa’s killing, security forces have recorded an extremely important kill in the battle against Islamic fundamentalism in the Valley, in the main south Kashmir where the jungles are now being used to train local youth. Musa, a byproduct of generation X, is a neophyte who grew up in turbulence and turmoil and experienced the so-called ‘azadi’ struggle first-hand, but chose the path of ‘sharia’ instead, brainwashed as he was by Wahabi Salafism indoctrination.

Zakir Rashid Bhat, 25, was trapped by security forces in a three-storey house in southern Kashmir late on Thursday and to flush him out, the house was set ablaze during the operation. Bhat or Musa, a former commander of the Hizbul Mujahideen, the largest of the militant groups fighting against Indian rule in Kashmir, founded his own group and declared its association with al Qaeda in 2017.

Caught between two lovers, one of whom snitched to the intel network which moved with alacrity to pin Musa down and kill him. Apparently poster boy Burhan Wani and Samir Tiger too died because their ex-lovers squealed to police snitches and gave them the exact location of the prey.

One of the senior police officials said that all efforts are on to save youth from going astray.

“We provide them opportunity to surrender, return home and live normal life. Several youth have returned and are living normal and dignified life with family and friends. But some youth who have failed at some stage of life think being terrorist is an honoured suicide than to commit a normal suicide,” said a security expert, expressing concern and urging local youth to concentrate on their careers.

“I must tell the youth that failure is an opportunity to begin again. Most successful personalities in worlds have failed and failed again. But they tried and remained positive. that is what I must tell the youth to act upon,” he added.

(Inputs CITY FM JK/ANN) 

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