Covid will be reduced to an endemic: Experts

NEW DELHI: Cases of Covid-19 might be declining steadily but as the virus is mutating, attaining that magical zero figure in Delhi is unlikely, experts have said, and predicted that coronavirus will be reduced to an endemic in the future.

Dr Suresh Kumar, medical director of Delhi government-run LNJP Hospital, said there will always be a few cases of the virus.

“Zero is an unlikely figure. The virus is mutating and it is difficult to predict its future behaviour,” he said.

Explaining why the virus has posed such a challenge, Dr Sanjeev K Singh, Resident Medical Director, Amrita Hospitals in Faridabad, said it is an mRNA virus, which keeps changing its structure.

“This virus is smart and just for the sake of living, it will keep mutating. Covid will be there and may not be affecting all 193 countries but it will be there.

“Coming down to zero won’t be achievable. In hospitals, for getting surgeries, one has to get tested for Hepatitis and HIV. Eventually, you will be tested for Covid too,” he said.

Dr Gauri Agarwal, IVF expert and founder of Seeds of Innocence, said keeping the 1918 pandemic as a yardstick, we know that eradicating the virus is an unrealistic possibility.

“As Covid-19 gradually becomes an endemic, likely in 12-24 months, it will probably stop being a statistic that is being watched on a daily basis. Hence, while we may see zero reportable cases, there may never be a time with actual zero cases ever.”

Amid concerns over the possibility of a third wave and emergence of the Delta Plus variant, experts assuaged fears of that possible wave being more lethal since a majority of the population has been infected. (PTI)

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