If anything in the nook and corner of the globe today is debated and has dominated the human minds , It is coronavirus.

This natural calamity has shaken the human society, and changed the human values and deleted the page entity.

The chronic epidemic of the coronavirus has once again made it clear that the rift and gap between the rich and poor is amplifying and widening in the world. This catastrophic epidemic has forced all the entrepreneurs to close their businesses, millions of people lost their jobs and workers lost their livelihood , as the wealthy and poorer countries deals with this epidemic , the disparity in resources is clear.

What this virus is ?, How it appeared?, Whose deeds were slipping around the globe and killing humanitarians.Many countries are leaving no stone unturned in regard to the invention of this fatal virus.

The virus has created some good in human societies also , Nature has made this disaster a blessing for the reformation of rebellious human society.

Coronavirus closed the theaters and gambling nightclubs, sexual orientation centres also reduced interest rates, reunited the families in their homes after a long separation , similarly this virus has forced all the institutions of health to say that predators , predatory birds , blood and dead diseased animals are noxious and calamitous to human health , This virus taught humans how to sneeze and its effect and also reminded how to do cleaning , which the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) had declared half faith.

The virus has led rulers of major and powerful countries across the globe to believe that bans on people have a ripple effect on human society , Not only that, This little worm has compelled human beings to beseech and seek forgiveness by praying to their creator , the lord and persuade them to wash away their sins and hearts instead of washing hands , This worm struct the minds of arrogant people and tore their arrogant uniform and dressed them with the clothes of justice, It also forced the technology to turn those who believe in technology, to the lord of reality again.

One of the major accomplishments of this deadly and incurable virus is that it acknowledged the oneness of Allah with human beings and forced the people to seek help from almighty rather than east or west and allured the humanity to its creator and its morals.

Today it has been practically proved that a virus but apparently a lowly soldier of God has turned the evils and unpropitious to pious and weal ,so , which favors of God will we deny ? De facto this virus reminded us that America is not a powerful country , the poor and petiable is stronger than moneyed and rich and the west is not as civilised and educated as they seem.

Mullingly , Human virus is the perilous , precarious and dangerous virus on this firma. We must accept the coronavirus lessons that business can be done even at home , can survive without fast food and unnecessary activities , excessive money is of no use and the last is that ,how much the world will progress , whatever technology will come, it can’t withstand power from sky (almighty)

The excerpt reinforces the impression that coronavirus is a wakeup call to the world to shape and figure more and more education institutions and hospitals and to set aside arment race , which has become one of the biggest bases of Trade today.


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