Condemning the killing isnt solution to blood bath in kashmir: Er Nazir Yatoo

All poltical parties should meet PM

Srinagar: Poltical leader and Ex VC JK Cements Er Nazir Yatoo while reacting on killing of five persons in sopore attack said, We are in a habit of condemning the killings in Kashmir but nobody is serious about ending the blood bath.

There is a trust deficit between JK and New Delhi which needs to be taken care of. Let all Jk leaders meet PM he said.

Yatoo said talk about dialouge but who will start this and whom we have to talk to?

“It is not possible when there is trust deficit btween centre and jk poltical leadership. Er yatoo said from 1947 we made dilauge slogan in public domain to gain publicity,but never see the root cause of these blood bath in JK. If poltical leader ship is sincere and loyal then they should think about these killings.

Yatoo appealed all the stakeholders to play their role . He said we can’t win hearts by killings

We can run our poltical process through any way but not by killings. All poltical leaders issue pressnotes but none has ever protested against these killings, yatoo said

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