Chandan Pratap Haldar – The man behind CPH Entertainment, a recording studio and a record label of West Bengal

Proudly calling itself a part of CPH International, CPH Entertainment is one of the largest Record Label, Music Production, and YOUTUBE PROMOTION CPH Music Studio in Betberia, Belegachi, South 24 Parganas in West Bengal established by Titli Das and Chandan Pratap Haldar in 2020. Behind all great start-ups are a vision and an idea created by the founder, of what he wants his business to look like in the future. Chandan Pratap Haldar along with Titli Das have created a vision, articulated the vision, and passionately own the vision relentlessly driving it to completion with the venture CPH Entertainment.

Indeed, starting an independent music production company requires technical skill, business acumen, industry contacts, knowledge of the music business, marketing and trends and an ear for musical details and talents and that is what CPH Entertainment’s face Chandan Pratap Haldar possesses. With the primary function to locate the artists and facilitate the recording, manufacturing and distribution of musical products, CPH Entertainment offers a plethora of service from Sound Recording, Audio mixing & mastering, Music Release, up to marketing. It goes without saying, the music Industry’s revival continues with the digital transformation creating new opportunities for merchandising, personalization, improved audio quality, getting artists paid and even a change in how records are made.

Here’s what the co-founder Chandan Pratap Haldar says “We develop our own technology to provide our Artists and Labels with industry-standard services. We cultivate positive partnerships with a variety of Digital Service Providers, Performance Rights Organizations, and Copyright Societies, all of which assist us in providing excellent service to our Artists and Labels. With our in-house skilled staff, CPH Entertainment also provides Sound Recording, Mixing Mastering, Music Promotion, Music Distribution, and Video Production services to meet our clients’ needs.”

Chandan Pratap Haldar is known to be in the sphere of music as a professional singer since 2021. He is one of the known faces of the Bengali music industry and is widely recognizedas a singer, Composer, and Lyricist whose original song went viral lately and crossed thousands of views on YouTube, amassing a huge number of followers on the social media platforms. Over the course of two years since the inception of CPH Entertainment, Chandan Pratap Haldar has scoured the music landscape for innovative young music talents making a bold move to create value for them.

The extensive line up of projects under the CPH Entertainment banner and the visionary behind CPH Entertainment, Chandan Pratap Haldar is in various stages of development. Given the pace of the developments, confirmed alignments with various musical artists will have a comfortable release in the coming days in 2022 offering a bouquet of path-breaking and momentous music to the audience.

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