Bihar: 7-Year-Old Visits Hospital With Fracture In Left Hand, Doctor Puts Plaster On Right

New Delhi: In medical negligence, a doctor at Bihar’s hospital cast plaster on seven-year-old boy’s right arm instead of left, reported ANI.

According to reports, Faijan, who is a resident of Hanuman Nagar, fell from a mango tree and fractured his left hand. Following this, he went to a hospital where the doctor put a cast on the wrong hand.

The boy kept telling the doctor that they are putting a plaster on the wrong hand. “I tried telling them while they were giving me the treatment, but they did not listen to me and put the plaster on the wrong hand,” seven-year-old Faijan told ANI.

Faijan’s mother called it “utter negligence”. “An investigation should be carried out. We were not even provided with a single tablet by the hospital,” she said.

Meanwhile, the X-ray result clearly showed the boy had a fracture on his left arm, but the doctor proceeded to plaster the right arm.

The case reached the State Health Department and minister Mangal Pandey who asked the superintendent of the medical center to brief him on the same.

“Health Minister has asked me to investigate the matter and seek clarification from the concerned team regarding this negligence. I condemn this incident and I am trying to fix the issue. People involved in the incident will be punished,” Ranjan Prasad, superintendent of the medical center told ANI.

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