Avail the top benefits of Live virtual learning with Tutology, a rising online learning Ed Tech Company

Needless to mention and it’s no surprise that online learning keeps growing in popularity spreading across the education Industry everyone loves the convenience of an online class, where pre-recorded are not quite as thrilling as learning and interacting in real-time as you would in a brick-and-mortar classroom. Tutology, India’s most affordable online learning Ed-tech company brings you the best of both worlds where you can interact with classmates, asks the teacher questions,and enjoy the social aspect of being with your peers at just 599/- per month.

The live classes at Tutology look beyond their own cities, and countries and wholeheartedly welcome students from every nook and corner of the globe providing them with quality education by the experienced and knowledgeable subject experts in each subject. The added joy of learning online with Tutology is that in addition to live classes you are also free to listen and interact without having to jot down pages of notes. Classes are recorded and accessible to students thereafter giving you the option to catch up on missed classes or as a helping learning tool when studying.

With the advent of digitalization in the education industry online learning has become the need of the hour for students all across the globe and Tutology offers flexibility and an ample variety of academic opportunities for every student from Std I to Std XII, such as studying from any location with affordable fees of 599/- per student per month. Hence, the advantages of online Live classes on Tutology are immenseand has emerged as a mandatory resource for students all across the country.

It goes without saying, Problem-solving is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship, and both Tutology’sfounders have identified a key problem and taken responsibility for identifying and solving the problems of the many students who come from low-income families and are also denied access to quality education, especially in light of the current situation following the Pandemic. Tutology is bridging the gap between education and each individual student for a brighter future.

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